Entering into psychotherapy to better understand oneself and live a healthier, more fulfilling life is a courageous and thoughtful decision. Your decision to take that step to make desired changes in your life is an important one. I welcome the opportunity to offer my perspectives on the process.

Using cognitive and behavioral methods, I work collaboratively with clients to increase their well-being, achieve goals, and better manage life's challenges. I believe everyone has the innate capacity to manage these inevitable difficulties and experience more joy everyday. Life presents many challenges and health is about managing those challenges with ever greater ease. Although healing comes from within, it is sometimes elusive and I see my role as guiding that process, providing direction when needed, and stepping out of the way when the work is done.

My areas of specialty are weight loss, trauma, processing sexual abuse, mindfulness/holistic healing, psychological assessment, and forensic psychology. I am also certified to provide the Anderson Method of Weight Loss to clients. If you are currently struggling with weight issues and have a desire to change your relationship with food for lifelong health, please contact me for an in-office appointment to assess your fit with this method at no charge.

I maintain flexible day and evening hours during the week. Please call 724-920-8794 or email drtaratravia@gmail.com with any questions or to make an intital appointment.